EM­PLOYED TO SERVE gear up for al­bum num­ber three… with a lit­tle in­spo from Limp Bizkit.

The hard­core fire­brands have been chan­nelling PMA and Limp Bizkit for al­bum three. Wait, what?!

Metal Hammer (UK) - - March 2019 - WORDS: STEPHEN HILL

Af­ter The suc­cess of 2017’s mon­strous The Warmth Of A Dy­ing Sun, Wok­ing hard­core crew Em­ployed To Serve have been work­ing hard on find­ing a way to fol­low it up. It won’t be easy, but we sat down with vo­cal­ist Jus­tine Jones and drum­mer Rob­bie Back to see how nu metal and their UK peers have in­spired them to cre­ate one of this year’s most an­tic­i­pated releases in un­der­ground heavy mu­sic.

The al­bum’s done! how is it sound­ing?

rob­bie: “Write this down now: it’s the heav­i­est thing that we’ve ever done!”

Jus­tine: “Oh don’t say that! I think we’re very for­tu­nate that we, as a band, have al­ways known what we’ve wanted to do. Stuff does just click into place, and af­ter five years we know how each other works, so we can cut the fat faster. It’s not a con­tin­u­a­tion, it’s an evo­lu­tion. We have all re­alised that we love the feel­ing of play­ing those Go­jira, Deftones-style grooves live, so we’ve made a point of re­ally lean­ing in on that this time around. I think this is bet­ter than our last al­bum…”

rob­bie: “And it’s the heav­i­est thing we’ve ever done! Ha ha! Se­ri­ously though, we are all as vig­i­lant as hawks when it comes to our cre­ative process so we were never go­ing to let the stan­dard drop.”

More groove? That’s some de­par­ture when you think

back to the spazzy na­ture of your de­but, Greyer Than You Re­mem­ber…

rob­bie: “We’re all nu metal kids. That doesn’t come out in the shower, you can’t get rid of it, and why should you? Early Korn, Slip­knot that stuff has all played its part. I re­mem­ber when we were do­ing the ti­tle track of that first al­bum and we put this big groove in there, we thought maybe peo­ple would call us sell-outs for it, but it’s what I love to play. So many of my friends talk with such em­bar­rass­ment about nu metal, and I’m like, ‘Don’t be apolo­getic! You loved it!’ I mean, I wanted some DJ scratches on the strings in some of it, but the guys wouldn’t have it.”

Jus­tine: “That stuff just feels good.

Fear Fac­tory, Nine Inch Nails, Limp Bizkit… we’re not a nu metal band, but you can’t ar­gue with any of that stuff.”

It’s your third al­bum, which comes with its own set of pres­sures, too…

Jus­tine: “It re­ally does. You hope that you make some­thing that will be seen as a doc­u­ment for, not to be too mor­bid, but long af­ter you’ve gone. And the third al­bum for a lot of bands is re­ally the one that ce­ments who and what they are.”

rob­bie: “Ab­so­lutely, we’re amazed that we got to one al­bum, so to make three makes us feel like a proper band. And when you look at some bands’ third records… White Pony, Mas­ter Of Pup­pets… they are of­ten the de­fin­i­tive state­ment from that band.”

Lyri­cally, The Warmth Of A Dy­ing Sun was a very frus­trated record. What are you ad­dress­ing this time?

Jus­tine: “Well there is this trend at the mo­ment for glam­or­is­ing be­ing sad, and we hate that. We’re not a PMA band, but we want peo­ple to think that if you work hard you can im­prove your life.”

rob­bie: “And there is joy to be had in the world.”

Jus­tine: “The pack­ag­ing might make it look bleak and abra­sive, but our lyrics say, ‘This sucks, but take the pos­i­tive in ev­ery sit­u­a­tion.’ Don’t stay still, move for­ward and learn from each sit­u­a­tion.”

Bri­tish metal is in a re­ally good place. how do you feel about your peers?

Jus­tine: “The UK is a hot bed of tal­ent right now, it’s so cool to have peers that make you strive to be a bet­ter band. The first time we saw Con­jurer we didn’t want to go on af­ter them. When you read about scenes and how they took off I won­der what it was that made bands all come up to­gether in one place at one cer­tain time, and I think it’s the com­pe­ti­tion of bands. You don’t want to get left be­hind; we knew we had to keep up with all our friends on this record.”

Eter­nal for­ward mo­tion is out may 10 via spine­farm

and if this riff keeps go­ing this way it just might break your fuckin’ face tonight

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