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ARGONAUTA Sludge-laden Florid­i­ans get swamped by their fore­bears

Hol­low Leg’s sludge/stoner doom might go down well in a piss-stained pub on a Fri­day night, but on record, the four-piece are an in­ef­fec­tive mélange of ba­sic tropes. They want to bring the grav­i­tas of Crow­bar, the rag­ing fury of High On Fire and the groove’n’grit of Cor­ro­sion Of Con­for­mity, yet haven’t the song­writ­ing skills to balance any of those in­flu­ences or reach any­where near their lev­els of in­ge­nu­ity. The bub­bling Geezer But­ler-in­debted basslines are eas­ily the most in­ter­est­ing part of their sound, and de­spite an in­abil­ity to craft en­gag­ing hooks, Scott An­gela­cos has a gnarly roar. But the riffs and rhythms, are te­diously un­in­ven­tive, and the leads range from ser­vice­able to ill-fit­ting – par­tic­u­larly the post-rock phras­ing on

Moun­tains Of Stone and the

wet bal­lad Black Moon.


FOR FANS OF: High On Fire, Crow­bar, Cor­ro­sion Of Con­for­mity

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