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Tonight will be chiefly re­mem­bered as the last gig for DAMIM bassist Daniel Rum­bol, who passed away sud­denly and un­ex­pect­edly soon af­ter. Our thoughts go out to his col­leagues and fam­ily, and the com­plex at­mo­spheric en­er­gies at the band’s heart will re­main a pow­er­ful tes­ti­mony. Front­man Nathanael Un­der­wood’s ric­tus gri­mace per­son­i­fies the in­ten­sity through which tracks can switch from multi-an­gled, pro­gres­sive tum­bles through space and time – more specif­i­cally to Florida 1998 and Death’s

The Sound Of Per­se­ver­ance – to riffs and grooves that sound like they’re pulling a freight train through sheer act of will. Swedish black met­allers grá may be fronted by new-ish Dark Fu­neral vo­cal­ist Hel­jar­m­dar, but if any­one’s ex­pect­ing a sim­i­larly brash, route-one ap­proach, tonight proves a far more im­mer­sive ex­pe­ri­ence. The all-white corpse­paint gives them the ap­pear­ance of wax fig­ures, but there’s a gen­uine emo­tional res­o­nance to the way the songs grad­u­ally un­furl. With the em­pha­sis on heady, high-end tex­ture, the at­mos­phere that en­velops the room feels like an in­vo­ca­tion and spir­i­tual barom­e­ter that deliri­ously scram­bles our internal maps.

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