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the vet­er­ans head up a thrash­fest this month

what’s the 2019 ver­sion of overkill like? Bobby ‘Blitz’ ellsworth (vo­cals):

“I live for rel­e­vance to the present day and we’ve al­ways been able to achieve that, so we’ve all wel­comed this new chem­istry with Ja­son [Bit­tner] be­hind the drums. we be­came part of the change and we think it’s go­ing to be some­thing spe­cial for those who crave the ag­gres­sive, bom­bas­tic ap­proach. we’ve bro­ken the tem­plate of the last few records but still kept a metal in­tegrity and an overkill stamp on the fi­nal prod­uct – the idea is we have a new stick bearer here, let’s em­brace his change.”

what’s the weird­est thing that’s hap­pened to you on tour?

“Back in 2008, we were tour­ing with motör­head through Ger­many and Lemmy wanted me to sing Overkill with him that night. I was over the moon but I had so much adren­a­line in me, I was for­get­ting the words so I started writ­ing the first word of each verse on my fore­arm. I was singing duet with Lemmy into the same mic and he looked down, so when it was his turn to sing, he yelled into the mi­cro­phone to the au­di­ence in Ber­lin, ‘Cheat notes! this moth­er­fucker has cheat notes!’ It em­bar­rassed me to the point I was so red-faced, I dove into the au­di­ence be­cause I’d been caught by the man who wrote the song. I was up­side-down in the au­di­ence and I saw Lemmy mouthing at me, ‘Cheat notes, you moth­er­fucker! Cheat notes!’”

what shenani­gans hap­pen on the overkill bus?

“If you can en­vi­sion a mid­dle-aged boys’ club, that’s what overkill does. there’s card games, dice rolling, bet­ting, tak­ing each other’s money and rent, smok­ing cigars and drink­ing im­ported beers. the sky’s the limit, it could be trou­ble, it could be a strict warn­ing by the po­lice – there’s noth­ing worse than a 50-year-old man’s mugshot. one of the ways we can still be rel­e­vant to­day is that we en­joy the fuck out of tour­ing and en­joy each other’s com­pany.”

any good tour pranks?

“there’s been full truck tyres jammed into bunks by three guys be­cause one guy can’t do it by him­self. we’ve re­moved the wood sup­ports from the mid­dle bunk so who­ever gets in it lands on the bunk below. we’ve had full duct-tap­ing peo­ple into bunks, hostage sit­u­a­tions, it gets out of con­trol. we’re the last cow­boys!”

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