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West Coast vintage doom crew cut a lavish sonic slab

If this California doom crew’s earlier releases showcased a cosmic flair for experiment­ation, their third full-length cuts right to the chase with 10 groove-powered bong-rockers that make no pretence of concealing their DNA.

While Take Me Home Again and Wings Of The Angel temper their over-arching aggression with slowburnin­g blues rumination­s, Volume aims straight at the heart of stonery 70s doom rock. Heavier fare such as Chingus and The End demand to be pumped through car stereos and beer-sodden backyard blowouts, both tracks erupting with fat, crunchy riffs and the bluesy howl of guitarist/vocalist Peter Sattari. More interestin­g, perhaps, are tracks like The Troubador, with its trippy psychedeli­c overtones and frenzied, breakneck climax. There’s an awful lot to digest here, including Volume’s cautionary apocalypti­c lyricism and Sattari’s blazing fretwork. Well worth a voyage.

For FANS Of: Orange Goblin, Holy Grove, Down

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