Metal Hammer (UK)



Travis shinn

photograph­er our man on the West coast is no stranger to shooting Five Finger Death punch, so we snuck him over to Vegas to snap this month’s lairy cover. Imagine our surprise when the band actually turned up in shirts and slacks (Spoiler: they obviously didn’t).

KIM Kelly


Kim often finds herself on the frontlines of the good Fight, and this month she sat down with UK black metallers Dawn ray’d for a look at the scene’s fightback against the rise of white supremacis­m and far right extremism. It helps that their music is ace, of course.

stephen Hill

Writer this issue sees Steve repping for punk rock across the ages, from his interview with agnostic Front legend roger miret to his piece with up and coming metallic hardcore crushers renounced. Never let it be said that the man doesn’t know how to stay on brand.

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