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As slayer finally bow out, we go back in time to the drama of their first-ever European tour.

Slayer had begun to attract the wrong kind of reputation in the UK in the late 80s. So, when they came back for their first full UK tour, they made sure that we’d never, ever forget it

- Words: dave Ling

Before turning back the hands of time to Slayer’s first real tour of the UK, we must consider the backdrop to their visit. Back in 1987, thrash was barely out of its infancy. The ‘Big 4’ had already been crowned, but Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth had released no more than three albums each, and though each band had toured the UK, commercial reward was still in the future. For the average rock fan, the jury remained out on a style of music that naysayers considered a flash in the pan or just plain unmusical. There


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