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AIRBOURNE are about to rock once more.

Boneshaker SPINEFARM


AC/DC’S sonic heirs dispense once more with the graces Airbourne have built

their career on wrongfooti­ng peoples’ expectatio­ns of them. With each new album comes a burning question: will they sound like AC/DC circa 1977 or AC/DC circa 1981? Or maybe they’ll just go completely crazy and shoot for AC/DC circa 1990?

Cheap shot? Yep. Is anybody complainin­g? Nope, especially seeing as Angus Young and co themselves are currently MIA somewhere between Melbourne and Vancouver, up to god knows what. The more bands who can tap into and convincing­ly channel the Australian icons’ elemental rock’n’roll the better, especially right now. The whole world is on a highway to Hell, so we may as well have a soundtrack to match.

Boneshaker doesn’t let the side down. From its nudge-nudge title to the broken-bottle riff that ushers it all in and doesn’t let up for the next 40-odd minutes, Airbourne’s sixth album is an exercise in pure rock’n’roll class – albeit a morning-after-the-night-before, how-did-this-vomit-end-up-on-myshoes-and-who-is-she kind of class.

Hey, no one said upper class.

Anyone coming to Boneshaker for a state-of-the-world address should move along. The closest they come to a politicall­y charged anthem is the gonzoid

This Is Our City, which is more likely to have you occupying your local boozer than Wall Street. Poetry? Well, the Viagrafuel­led Sex To Go has fun with a “fast food = shagging” metaphor, which might be gloriously boneheaded by anyone else’s standards but is up there with TS Elliott by Airbourne’s. And if it’s intricate musical experiment­ation you’re after, well, that last Tool album won’t listen to itself.

No, Airbourne have given themselves one job in life, which is to strip rock’n’roll right down to its fundaments. And with

Boneshaker – as unrepentan­tly oldschool as a frayed ‘For Those About To Rock’ backpatch – they’ve done that job to perfection once again. ■■■■■■■■■■



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airbourne: still working on getting that karate yellow belt
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