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We walk you through the modern metal anthems on Disturb The Atoms – An Introducti­on To Derange

- Words: sophie Maughan

Hammer have been keeping a watchful eye on London’s Derange since their 2015 debut, The

Awakening. With the five-piece having just unleashed their Senses Part One EP upon the masses, we thought it was time to introduce the self-styled purveyors of “sassrock”. Here’s our guide to all the tracks on your free covermount CD.

1. Runaway (Taken from Senses Part One EP) Layers of crunchy guitars, thumping basslines and just a dash of synth-tinged drama are the order of the day with this earworm that strikes the right balance between feisty alt rock and riff-addled metal.

2. echo (Taken from The Awakening CD) Packing labyrinthi­ne grooves and a singalong chorus, we recommend strapping on a neck brace as Derange ramp up the dynamics with this shot of sonic adrenaline. Melodies? Check. Searing introspect­ion? Yes. Unsettling whispers that give way to unbridled aggression? It’s all here to relish.

3. The hunted (Metal Hammer Exclusive) We do love our readers. And Hammer loves nothing more than giving you guys a good exclusive. So, we’re killing two birds with one stone in bringing you anthem-in-the-making The Hunted – a previously unheard banger chockfull of proggy grooves and vitriol-laced screams that will get feet tapping and fists pumping.


The Thinker (Taken from The Awakening) Veering between haunting melancholi­a and metallic blasts, this track showcases Cat Pereira’s vocal range as well as the band’s ability to unleash hell upon the eardrums. The Thinker showcases a band capable of conveying both beauty and brutality.

5. higher (Taken from Senses Part One EP) An accessible mix of alt-soaked angst and tech-influenced diversity, Higher blends melodic verve with heavy metal madness. If you’re looking for that one song to introduce you to this band, you can’t go wrong.


The other Side (Taken from The Awakening CD) Captivatin­g slow-burner The Other Side combines emotional fragility with no-nonsense riffing as Cat’s impressive vocal range once again takes centre-stage, giving the four-piece the freedom to run the musical gamut and explore various musical styles. It ticks all the boxes.


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