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Hammer, are my eyes deceiving me? Two covers of your magazine in a row with two women on the front cover? It’s about time, and please let’s make sure it isn’t a one-off. We don’t even need Babymetal to do this: the metal scene has more great women in bands than ever! Keep it up!

Kelly Shamrock (email)

Well, if it’s the first time, then it’s definitely about damn time. Though we think Babymetal have earned their seat at the table too, to be fair.


Loved the interview between Amy and Sharon in your last issue. I have some suggestion­s for more ‘head-to-heads’, too. Rob Halford and Doro (the Metal God meets the Metal Queen!), Marilyn Manson and Ville Valo, Lars Ulrich and Kerry King, Floor Jansen and Simone Simons! What do you think, Hammers? Dani Traven (email)

We dig it! It’s always fun to throw together two icons and see what they have to say. No doubt we will find an excuse to do it again soon…


They’ve done the Legacy thing, surely it’s time for Iron Maiden to do a Brave New World anniversar­y tour! It’s been 20 years since one of the best Maiden albums ever, I’d do anything to hear Out Of The Silent Planet or The Mercenary live! Come on!

Ivan Coucoti (emal)

We back it, but we suspect they have slightly different plans this year. Boosting up the Legacy Of The Beast tour for one, and maybe, if we’re really lucky, we might get new music. We can dream, right?


As we’ve seen with James Hetfield’s return to rehab, addiction is something that can hit someone at any time, at any place. It’s not something that ever really goes away and I was proud to see the metal community come together to understand and support James in his recovery. I don’t think the reaction would have been the same 20 years ago. Will Shemmens (email)

We couldn’t agree more. The stigma around addiction is thankfully becoming a thing of the past. Hopefully Metallica being open about James’s situation, and the public response to it, will encourage others to seek help.


Not being funny, but why don’t more people talk about Five

Finger Death Punch as potential Download headliners? Everyone’s constantly hyping up Ghost and Parkway Drive because they finally get to arena levels when 5FDP have been doing arenas for years? They deserve more respect in my opinion.

Brent Irvine (email)

You might just be onto something here, Brent lad. We should totally get those guys back on our cover soon. Oh, wait…


Satchel from Steel Panther was a star to anyone who was paying attention when he went by his real name and was playing with Halford in Fight. Such an underrated album that just

crushes anything Steel Panther have ever come up with.

Justin Amrhein (Facebook)

Yup, ol’ Satch has been around the block alright. We love that first Fight album, too – though we reckon he’s done OK for himself in Steel Panther.


I love Marilyn Manson as much as the next gal but how is he playing a Viking death metal singer in American Gods when we literally have an actual living, breathing Viking death metal singer in Johan Hegg sat right there. I mean, come on, it’s right there!! Am I alone in thinking this?!

Faye Smith (Facebook)

Yeah, you’re onto something there. Maybe we can get Johan cast as a naughty goth lad to balance out the universe a bit? He might have to shave the beard, though… You wanna ask him?


I’m starting to get sick of the metal community getting its pants excited over anyone who comes onto one of those shitty X Factor-style reality shows and happens to do a metal song. If you’re a true Lamb Of God fan, why the fuck would you be on that shit anyway?! Can we keep the attention aimed at real artists with real bands, please?

Jason R. Thomas (Facebook)

Ah come on, it’s just a bit of fun, right? Surely it’s all worth it to see that dude from Maroon 5 or whoever’s judging look scared shitless as someone belts out a bit of Cannibal Corpse? Right? Guys?


I would love to hear a solo Kirk Hammett album. He’s my favourite guitarist and his work on the Load and Reload albums are amazing. I love the blues-style riffs and solos. I bet he has some truly amazing material sitting around and I really wanna hear it!

Andy Hart (Facebook)

Us too, Andy! Metallica don’t tend to rush new albums out these days, so perhaps we can try and convince Kirk to sneak out a little something in the meantime.

Who’s up for trying?

 ??  ?? James Hetfield received a ton of support from the metal famileh
when he went into rehab
James Hetfield received a ton of support from the metal famileh when he went into rehab
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Amon Amarth: goths in waiting
Amon Amarth: goths in waiting

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