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Hammer scribe Rich Hobson opined last month that fans should stop demanding new music from bands like System Of A Down and try to appreciate them being here why we still can. Here’s what you guys thought about his piece.



“Bands revisiting their legacies and using it as a way of rediscover­ing what it is they – and the fans – loved about it all in the first place and rekindling that connection is sometimes the only thing keeping the car on the road. We’ve lost so many bands, and once they’re gone – properly gone – that will be it.”


A new SOAD album wouldn’t be any good anyway. They’ve admitted that if they did another one it’d be six Serj songs and six Daron songs. A good System album needs to be the team working together. Nebraska Joe Nelson (Facebook)

People need to move on and find new music. Obsessing over legacy acts suffocates new artists. Mark Hibbard (Facebook)

SOAD introduced me to heavy music, but I’ve given up on them making another album. If the recent Scars album is any indication on what new SOAD would’ve sounded like, it would have been a letdown anyway. I’d still love to see them live, though.

Robbie Gagnon (Facebook)

If you watch any legendary band that’s released an album in the last five years, they only play a few new tracks – the fans want to hear the classic hits.

Marc Cross (Facebook)

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