Metal Hammer (UK)


A kitchen sink approach has made this Boston quartet one of metal’s most exciting names

- WORDS: PARIS Fawcett

The Offering Aren’t just heavy metal: they’re every metal. This Boston four piece are condensing decades of metal lineage into a package that sounds like the summarisat­ion of an entire issue of Metal Hammer. Any attempt to pigeonhole their particular genre seems reductive for a band who morph from widdly Avenged Sevenfold-style guitar intros to death growls, then power metal cleans in the space of two minutes.

Frontman Alexander Richichi puts his own vocal experiment­ation down to the Disney movies he grew up with, specifical­ly referencin­g his desire to replicate songs like Beauty And The Beast’s Belle, with its ensemble of characters and the uniqueness of each voice. “It’s just so happened that heavy metal is the type of genre where you can have the entire spectrum of musical or vocal timbre in one song,” Richichi adds, revelling in the genre’s possibilit­ies.

While it seems like The Offering walk the fine line between eclecticis­m and clusterfuc­k, guitarist-cumproduce­r Nishad George took the band’s recent debut album, Home, as the chance to bring out the best of each member’s individual­ity.

“I just wanted everyone to sound like themselves,” George confirms,

“It’s definitely the most difficult part when you have so many personalit­ies but it’s pretty obvious when you listen to the album that everyone’s got their own unique spin.”

At times, Home sounds like a supergroup of bands all recording their parts separately, but George turns it into the album’s strength.

There is ample opportunit­y to find something you love within the sound of The Offering and the band want to use this box-ticking appeal to take over the world – after all, you don’t make wildly ambitious music like this without the lofty goals to back it up.

“It’s almost inappropri­ate to say that you want world domination,” says George before referencin­g Metallica levels of success as his aim. “We’re not overly cocky about it, we’ve got a long way to go,” he adds. “There’s a billion steps on this staircase and we’ve only taken the first few, but we are in this for the long haul, so what’s stopping us?”


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