Metal Hammer (UK)


A melodeath-sprinkled heavy metal onslaught has these Brits making waves in all the right places

- WORDS: Sophie maughan

great Things come in small packages. It’s a sentiment shared by rising Brit five-piece Earthbound, who are poised to release their second EP, Desolate, and bolster the interest that’s followed them since their inception.

“We’d rather be releasing material little and often as it helps us to develop artistical­ly while keeping us on people’s radars,” explains vocalist Tom Watson. “We like the idea of conceiving a trilogy before dropping a full-length, and the EPS are a nice length to write around a concept. With this one, that core sound that you heard on [debut EP] Endure remains, but everything else has got bigger, faster and heavier.” With four tracks of face-melting melodeath, Desolate is punishing yet precise, and while comparison­s might be drawn to counterpar­ts Soilwork and Arch Enemy, Tom eschews having any pre-conceived sonic blueprints: “We’ve always taken our favourite bits of various subgenres and merged them. We all have wide music tastes so having that openness from the off meant we’ve never limited ourselves. We would just love to become one of those bands where people are too excited for their next release – that’s the dream!”


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