Metal Hammer (UK)

WHY NOT DYING FETUS? (November 2013)

How one rogue Facebook comment got a veteran death metal band their biggest gig ever


“Everyone is going on about giving new blood a chance: why not Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Testament, Dying Fetus or Carcass? Give them a chance.” It was the Facebook comment that sparked a meme that sparked Download’s most unlikely booking ever. #Whynotdyin­gfetus, a hashtag created by Metal Hammer in light of one follower’s suggestion that the Maryland death metallers could feasibly headline an 80,000-capacity rock festival, was soon trending across the UK, creating such a fuss that Download head booker Andy Copping ended up inviting the band to open the main stage of the festival the following summer. Who says there’s no such thing as people power?

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