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The metal world was elated when the Iron Maiden frontman fought off the deadly disease


When the news broke, it was truly shocking; Bruce Dickinson was recovering from treatment for a cancerous tumour on his tongue. The seemingly indestruct­ible and endlessly vivacious frontman was the last person anyone expected to face such a daunting health concern, but the outpouring of love and support that followed, from Maiden’s global fanbase and far beyond, said it all about the great man’s impact on the world.

Bruce had discovered his predicamen­t during recording sessions for Iron Maiden’s then-upcoming album, The Book Of Souls. The record’s release was delayed while he recovered, and eventually surfaced in September

2015, confirming that even a tumour couldn’t stop the OG ‘Air Raid Siren’ from singing like an absolute beast.

A fully recovered and buoyant Bruce gave Metal Hammer the full lowdown on his battle in an exclusive interview, noting that “the experience has been kind of life-changing, yes… but also no! You think, ‘That was a real pain in the arse!’ or a pain in the neck, quite literally in my case, and it’s brilliant to get through it, so let’s just crack on with the rest of life. My determinat­ion to get on with things is greater than ever.”

Four years on, Iron Maiden are once again at the top of their game, recently blowing minds with their Legacy Of

The Beast live show and inching towards another studio album, which we hope and trust will be recorded without any major drama. Please.

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