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We ask C.S.R to open up about his dark ambient project, Sulphura

Dark ambient has a long history. What was your entry point, and how did that affect you?

“I listened to black metal bands with strong ambient sides, such as lurker of chalice, Urfaust, leviathan and Darkspace as a teen, and I discovered a Norwegian ambient project called Biosphere when I was around 19. I struggled with mental issues a lot during that time, which was probably the reason I started to look for music that wouldn’t provoke or support any specific emotional grounds, but instead would allow oneself to just float within a ‘neutral’ sonic sphere and through that let the body and mind become calm, let it detach from mental and emotional pressure.”

Your album is called Voidpulse, What are the roots of your fascinatio­n with the void and outer space?

“It’s the idea of limitlessn­ess, the vastness that goes so far beyond any kind of human sense, meaning or understand­ing. We think we have knowledge, but our knowledge is so limited, it’s nothing but tipping the surface of existence, at best. the infinite mystery of space makes this clearer than anything else.”

Thematical­ly, what is the relationsh­ip between Sulphura and Schammasch, and what does instrument­al music allow for creatively that you can’t pursue with a vocal project?

“the voice can be a very important tool also within creating ambient music, but what I’m pursuing here are the structurel­ess, nonlinguis­tic, mostly rhythmless spheres – a steady sonic stream limited to mid-frequencie­s, which creates the typical vacuum-like space atmosphere. What connects both projects thematical­ly, is the striving for inner peace, balance and the expression of freedom.”


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