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Five other anti-fascist metal bands you need to hear



as one of the original progenitor­s of post-black metal, manchester’s caïna have been on the scene since 2004

(and upsetting plenty of Nazi boneheads in the process with their outspoken leftist views). ever-evolving, perpetuall­y experiment­al, the project has returned to its pitch-black roots on new album Gentle Illness.

Listen to: No Princes in Hell

(Gentle Illness, 2019)


this Nottingham outfit have been flying the black flag since 2015. their stated mission? to destroy NSBM. their weapon? Wickedly melodic, eerily atmospheri­c black metal that chills to the core and cultivates an air of danger in its merciless battery.

Listen to: Span of Black Nihility (Mourning Cloak, 2016)


on their self-released debut, The One Reborn, this San Diego, ca trio found a way to combine their antifascis­t politics, love for the videogame Bloodborne, and collective obsession with classic gory 90s death metal into a brutal, blood-splattered cocktail of working class fury.

Listen to: The One Reborn

(The One Reborn, 2019)


Greece is a hotbed of anarchist militancy. athens-based Yovel’s stridently melodic and relentless­ly aggressive take on black metal is a rousing battle cry against the horrors of fascism and capitalism, and 2018’s is a masterwork.

Listen to: Chapter V – Servile Rage

( , 2018)

spectral lore

Spectral lore is another athens export, and is the solo project of multiinstr­umentalist ayloss. Grandiose melodies and ambient interludes underpin its cosmic, starry-eyed black metal stylings, and transmit antifascis­t messages from beyond the stars.

Listen to: No Excuses for Fascist Sympathy (Book of Sand cover, single, 2019)

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