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Walk Beyond The Dark BLOOD MUSIC


Atmospheri­c black metallers pull at an internal set of strings

Abigail Williams’ history has been chequered with line-up shifts and break-ups. However, the music has been consistent­ly creative and founding member Ken Sorceron has given us a record of huge scope with the band’s fifth full-length. The album eschews the symphonic tones of yore and dives into blackened intensity with

I Will Depart, all anguished vocals and biting guitars.

Black Waves is a mournful, cello-led piece that builds a funereal atmosphere in its progressio­n towards the towering end, bringing moments of introspect­ion into the record. The closing The Final Failure is a harrowing, 11-minute journey into the darkest recesses of the mind and it’s a beautiful conclusion to an album stamped with pain. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: The Black Dahlia Murder, Wolves In The Throne Room, Dimmu Borgir


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