Metal Hammer (UK)


The Path Untravelle­d SELF-RELEASED


Searing solo UK artist puts the edge back into post-black metal

The compositio­nal drama of post-black metal has mostly been lost due to too many bands using postrock’s slow builds and crescendos in generic ways and just chucking blasts on top. Arx Atrata’s British multi-instrument­alist,

Ben Sizer, still understand­s how this blend of styles can create captivatin­g works, and on album three he has grown into a really talented composer. He avoids typical pitfalls by refusing to reduce the harsher aspects for atmosphere, so the intensity and razor-sharp melodicism of Swedishsou­rced black metal (Dawn, Vinterland, Sacramentu­m) together with earthy and impactful Cascadian/uk influences, often pierce through delicate ambience in stunning ways. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Dawn, Agalloch, Winterfyll­eth DEAN BROWN

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