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Afterlife Romance DARK ESSENCE


Romania’s esoteric artisan blossoms in darkness

Although still best known for his artwork, Costin Chioreanu has been steadily building his musical résumé with a variety of Romanian bands. This collaborat­ion with Greek vocal mystic Sofia Sarri is a watershed moment. Pointedly cinematic and dense with textural detail, these songs exist in a noirish nightmare world informed by the dark side of trip hop, horror soundtrack­s and the perpetual, edgy shimmer of the avant-garde. From the fidgeting art rock of Dreadwatch and The Gardenian Night Shift’s

somnambula­nt skank to the Lynchian fever dream of closer Classified At Dawn, it’s a darkly progressiv­e tour de force: vivid, immersive and full of tunes that will your haunt you while you sleep. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Ulver, Portishead, The Gathering DOM LAWSON

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