Metal Hammer (UK)


Fimbultýr fysisk format


Oslo’s youthful riff-wielders make an offering to the gods

After some lumpily underwhelm­ing beginnings this duo seem well on their way to becoming something rather special as they hurtle towards their own personal Ragnarok. Golden Core’s rune-strewn metal draws on ancient Norse poetry for lyrical inspiratio­n, but musically they’re far more direct; huge chunks of slate-grey riff are hammered and hewn before being combined with ever-flowing grooves, ultimately forming a craggy volcanic landscape fit for the battles of giants, trolls and warlike, one-eyed gods. If the fluid, undulating riffcraft immediatel­y brings to mind High On Fire, then further investigat­ion suggests the weird worldview and awkward inclinatio­ns of mid-period Årabrot – an excellent combinatio­n that’s both immediatel­y gratifying and worthy of deep, detailed exploratio­n. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Årabrot,

Iron Age, Mantar


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