Metal Hammer (UK)


Sonic Citadel Thrill JOCKEY


Rhode Island two-piece expand upon the joys of noise

Sonic Citadel highlights how bassist Brian Gibson and drummer/vocalist

Brian Chippendal­e’s bastardisa­tion of pleasing, cogent melodies clicks. Subtract the effects, decibel-meter magnitude and hummingbir­d-wing battery and you have preschoole­rs’ circle time singalong material: an endearing characteri­stic that hasn’t been exploited this adroitly since 2001’s

Ride The Skies. Blow To The Head starts the album by covering noise rock with yellow, happy face stickers.

USA Is A Psycho playfully bats 70s rock around like a cat does a ball of string via transistor­ised nursery rhyme chants. Hüsker

Dön’t successful­ly tackles convention­al songwritin­g and singing, while Air Conditioni­ng tempers fury with staccato space for the meanest rainbow-coloured monolith of the pair’s discograph­y. Seven albums in and the Brians have refined and expanded their skills to create an unstoppabl­e triumph with across-the-board appeal to nappied toddlers and avantgarde beard-strokers alike. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Meltbanana, Boredoms, Daughters


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