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Georgian metalcore crew wrest triumph from turbulence

it seems pretty odd that, in a world where hardcore is becoming increasing­ly big business, Norma Jean’s output from this decade has become little more than a footnote. Both 2013’s Wrongdoers and 2016’s Polar Similar should have been seen as modern classics for the genre. Each record is comfortabl­y as good as anything any hardcore band have put out in this current period, yet neither seem to be mentioned in the same breath as the latest, hyped-up darlings of the scene. Add to that, three-quarters of the band that created Polar Similar have vacated their positions in the band since its release.

Listening to All Hail, you could be forgiven for thinking the band themselves are more than a little pissed off about their current situation, because, even though Norma Jean have always dealt in technicall­y wild, uncompromi­singly heavy music, this is definitely a step up in terms of extremity from those previous two albums. The opening one-two punch of Orphan

Twin and [Mind Over Mind] sets out the album’s stall, veering from a deep, tar-thick, almost doomy crush to grooving, face-melting metal and erratic passages of noise over the course of both tracks. The fact that they come in at under the five-minute mark combined will give you some indication as to Norma Jean’s intentions to trim the fat here.

There is far more than just all-out intensity on All Hail,

though. As ever there are moment of melodic nous and some disorienta­ting experiment­s with different sounds. The apocalypti­c penultimat­e track Anna, which bubbles away surprising­ly by taking its nods and inspiratio­n from shoegaze, early US indie and post-rock before reaching boiling point, is the prime example here. On the absolutely huge Safety Last, vocalist Cory Brandan sings ‘I’ll burn every bridge in the world’, which seems oddly prophetic given their line-up issues. Regardless of how choppy the waters have been for the band personally, Norma Jean are on a potent run of form. ■■■■■■■■■■

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 ??  ?? Norma Jean take a quick breather from their run of good form
Norma Jean take a quick breather from their run of good form
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