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Edge Of Existence SPV


Ex-type O and Agnostic Front members forge an uninspired debut

Boasting former members of Type O Negative and Agnostic Front, Silvertomb formed in 2017 and the quintet have arrived with a highly polished clutch of booming riffs and slowdrivin­g tempos that tap deep into the bloody blackened heart of 90s goth metal. It’s an album of contrasts, some more effective than others. Not Your Savior and Love You Without No Lies employ the dramatic, if familiar, switch between eerie, slowburnin­g melodies and the sort of ginormous choruses that dominated 90s altmetal. Edge Of Existence

sidesteps easy classifica­tion, showcasing elements of psych, doom and even a gorgeous spectral ballad, Sleeping On Nails And Wine. But other than Waiting – the absolute sledgehamm­er that closes the record – one track bleeds into the next, resulting in an earnest but generic-sounding collection. The potential is obvious, but they haven’t reached it here. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: A Pale Horse Named Death, Life Of Agony, Theatre Of Tragedy


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