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Brittle Bones PELAGIC


Nordic rockers whip up a custom sonic brew

Five years after Black Soul Choir and the uniqueness of Norway’s Wolves Like Us is still remarkably unparallel­ed. The band’s sound seems so straightfo­rward that you’ll wonder why there aren’t more similar-sounding outfits, but in actuality their sonic combinatio­n delicately stirs European hardcore, grunge, post-rock and 90s alt-metal into a hyper-infectious mix. Brittle Bones, however, is wrapped in a far darker and brooding air. Larsh Kristianse­n’s throaty baritone soars like a jet from the post-nirvana Pacific Northwest, his phrasing and sustain playing off angular warmth in Stay Cold and Property Of Dortmund with spotlights shining on the anthemic assertions in I Can’t Love

You Wild Enough and Winter Chains. There are a few uncomforta­ble, circuitous and meandering songwritin­g moments, but we’ll give ’em a pass given that they’re playing in their own original and inventive sonic sandbox. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Volbeat, Quicksand, Planes Mistaken For Stars


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