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Raucous Swedish d-beat squad keep the fur flying

You already know what to expect from a new Wolfbrigad­e album in 2019; they may be on their seventh full-length (or

10th if you’re counting the albums released under the name Wolfpack in the late 90s), but little has changed from their classic formula of raw, vitriolic Scandinavi­an hardcore. As you’d expect from a band that’s been merrily d-beating away for the best part of two decades, their songwritin­g skills are honed to a fine point, with

The Wolfman being a full-on Motörhead-style singalong anthem and Wells Of Despair’s frantic riffing adding a delicious speed metal flavour. Mostly, though, it’s business as usual – it doesn’t do a whole lot that their older albums didn’t, but if you’re in the market for another half an hour of no-nonsense, unpretenti­ous d-beat, this doesn’t disappoint. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Discharge, Anti Cimex, Disfear


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