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Chris and the Spooky Kids give the UK a nightmare before christmas


You’ve been together nearly 15 years. do you still love everything about touring? chris motionless (vocals): “touring is where i’m most comfortabl­e. i can deal with anything about being on the road – all the ups and downs. we’ve been doing it for so long that i’ve found ways to deal with certain aspects that are bad, then there are some you can’t get around, like privacy being an issue, which you just deal with. i can’t imagine just sitting at home. Plus we just played at the country venue the grand ole opry in Nashville and i never thought we’d play there!”

Justin morrow joined you earlier this year. is he settled in? “he’s such a big part of helping transform the band in a way where everybody wants to be here. he’s such a positive energy and it’s great to not have anyone negative contributi­ng to us not wanting to be here. everyone on the bus is hanging out and we’re all good friends, the energy is wonderful and Justin fits in with that entirely. ever since Disguise came out, there’s been a complete resurgence of good vibes within our camp.”

how’s Disguise going down live so far?

“amazing! with every record we’ve put out in the past, there’s been a void in our music where there’s singalongs but not that one song everybody screams along with. what i’m noticing with this record, the fans are full volume for the songs the entire way through rather than just the key lines. it’s so cool to see when we were unsure of how the fans would react – people come out and sing even the songs that got mixed reactions – that’s where songs like that live the best.”

tim Sköld, who worked with you on Infamous and Reincarnat­e, is supporting you on this UK tour. what can we expect to see?

“i haven’t been as excited to tour with anybody for a long time as i am with tim sköld on this tour. he’s a really fun and interestin­g person to hang around with and i know he’s going to bring a different vibe to the show that i’m looking forward to. it’s cool to have somebody that i love and work with. we’re gonna play a song together too so it’ll be great.”

 ??  ?? motionless can’t disguise how much they’re loving tour life these days
motionless can’t disguise how much they’re loving tour life these days

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