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Recently resurrecte­d Yorkshire death metallers Blasphemer bring weighty, old-school thump and a confident delivery, while local lads the BLEEDING are thrashier and more modern, but not quite as hefty. They’re powerful enough, though. Returning after a quarter of a century, New Orleans’ exhorder are pretty much the originator­s of groove metal, although they’ve played such claims down. Mixing a love of Dark Angel and Agnostic Front with the background sound of NOLA, they were always ferocious but soulful. Having returned with a slightly updated sound on Mourn The Southern Skies, they play London for the first time. Having played here with Floodgate, Alabama Thunderpus­sy and Trouble, Kyle Thomas is clearly chuffed to be bringing his childhood band here, and for more than a few old thrashers the feeling is mutual. Age hasn’t dimmed the fire, nor has Kyle’s stunning voice suffered the ravages many of his contempora­ries have. Kyle and original guitarist Vinnie Labella are joined by a new rhythm section and ex-superjoint Ritual/anselmo guitarist Marzi Montezeri, and they make a razor-sharp, super-tight unit for classics such as Desecrator and Slaughter In The Vatican. Vicious and well worth the wait. ALASTAIR RIDDELL

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