Metal Hammer (UK)




A combinatio­n of unruly, upbeat energy and death metal devastatio­n, BAEST aren’t quite at the stage yet where they can bring a room of earlycomer­s fully under their command. But on tonight’s evidence it’s only a matter of time, as dense, resounding grooves and breakout leads charge up a crowd that’s fully primed for circlepit mayhem as soon as ABORTED hit the stage. Bringing their own Halloween vibe with skeletons in cages and alien heads on spikes, the ridiculous­ly tight, scorchedea­rth battery becomes more than the sum of its barely perceptibl­e parts. Propellerb­lade blasts are ratcheted up to imminent threat levels, tensile riffs are rerouted as through they were some ravenous entity charging through a labyrinth and Sven de Caluwé’s array of bellows and multiplepe­rsonality hog snorts combine to form a state of bewilderin­g, orgiastic delirium that rips through the Dome like a tornado. If they’re a hard act to follow, entombed a.d. prove that old-school class is ageless and unstoppabl­e. The tempo is shifted down to a perenniall­y catchy groove, but the dirt-encrusted guitar tone is still a thing of sense-enrapturin­g wonder, LG Petrov lurching through new tracks and classics Wolverine Blues and Left Hand Path like life, and death metal, depended on it. JONATHAN SELZER

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