Metal Hammer (UK)




Abyss-scraping doom/sludge diatribes from São Paulo

The mantric clang ushering in Jupiterian’s second LP holds a wealth of tension in its protosapie­n claw. The subsequent ground-crack of doom from Mere Humans, enhanced by tremoloswe­lls of black metal riffage, releases that tension before settling into a loping gait, with vocal bellows reaching out from the abyss. It acts as an apt summation of their sound, where funeral doom’s suffocatio­n of all light and BM’S atmospheri­c austerity meet the respective sturm und drang of death and post-metal. On paper, this collision of various extreme sonics sounds positively cataclysmi­c. But by the time the charred Neurosis feel of

Earthling Bloodline finishes, there’s a sense that while Jupiterian have stylistic certainty, musically, they’re still honing that requisite world-devouring instinct. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Mizmor, The Ruins Of Beverast, Culted DEAN BROWN

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