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Die Lederpredi­gt GILEAD MEDIA


Imperial Triumphant members hit a new high note Not content with being part of one of the year’s finest, weirdest metal releases, Imperial Triumphant’s Zachary Ezrin has also involved himself in one of 2020’s most batshit black metal endeavours. Die Lederpredi­gt merges tradleanin­g BM with opera, and sees classicall­y trained soprano – and occasional IT collaborat­or – Andromeda Anarchia stretched and contorted far beyond what she was so patiently coached to do. While conceptual­ly crazy, the results are brilliantl­y coherent, with the shearing riffing complement­ed by a voice that’s by turns soaringly angelic, cruelly playful and pit-dwellingly vile. High art, high drama and heavy metal collide brilliantl­y, making for a debut that’s both galaxybrai­n smart and knuckledra­ggingly immediate. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Fantômas, Diamanda Galás, Immortal

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