Metal Hammer (UK)


The Singularit­y, Phase I P572


Canadian boundary-pushers set their dials to stun

Improvisat­ion has always been part of Voivod’s creative process, so it’s no surprise that their drummer, Michel ‘Away’ Langevin, has taken so readily to these extemporis­ed workouts with fellow countryman, Eric Quach, aka Thisquieta­rmy. Rarely has the drone-sculpting guitarist kept pace with such a singular and determined presence as Voivod’s tub-thumper. Quickly establishi­ng a tribal mode, Away forcefully drives proceeding­s with ritualisti­c batteries of tom-bruising pummel, suddenly shifting tempos across Quach’s lancing electronic shards and ominous tonal wash. The overriding throwbacks to 1970s ‘kosmische’ rock occasional­ly cede to passages of sedentary introspect­ion, where Quach’s delay-drenched strings ripple like the sun-flecked waters of Pink Floyd’s endless rivers, awaiting the inevitable rumble of Away’s latest limber outbreak. ■■■■■■■■■■

FOR FANS OF: Can, Faust, Boredoms


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