Note 7 De­sign Caused Bat­tery Blow-Ups Com­puter Pens Christ­mas Song

Blog post damn­ing of Sam­sung hand­sets AI-writ­ten ditty prob­a­bly won’t top charts

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As the dust has just about set­tled over the ex­plod­ing Gal­axy Note 7 hand­sets, a team of hard­ware engi­neers has now an­nounced that an “ag­gres­sive de­sign” could have been at fault for its ex­plod­ing Gal­axy Note 7 hand­sets.

The team at In­stru­men­tal said that as the phone was so slim it com­pressed the lithium bat­tery “dur­ing nor­mal op­er­a­tions”, which is con­sid­ered an is­sue as it’s rec­om­mended that there is a space left be­tween a bat­tery and a phone’s shell.

The engi­neers at went as far as say­ing that Sam­sung shipped a dan­ger­ous de­vice and that the com­pany went down this route be­cause of its de­sire to in­no­vate and be com­pet­i­tive against ri­vals.

As far as AI-re­lated projects go, this is a fun one. Ac­cord­ing to The Guardian, sci­en­tists have fed a Christ­mas scene on a pho­to­graph into a com­puter and asked it to come up with a song based on that photo. The com­puter duly an­a­lysed the photo, came up with some lyrics and then “sang” those words to mu­sic that it also com­posed it­self. This is the brain­child of peo­ple from the Univer­sity of Toronto with the “neu­ral karaoke” project ap­par­ently able to take any dig­i­tal photo and turn that into a song.

The team at the univer­sity has also now taught the com­puter pro­gram how to dance, look­ing at an hour of footage from Just Dance and then track­ing poses to learn some funky moves that a dig­i­tal stick man can then bust out. Any prac­ti­cal uses for this? Well no, no there are not. But if some­one can have a bit of fun while ad­vanc­ing ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence a lit­tle fur­ther, isn’t that rea­son enough to carry on?

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