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PS4 Sells Over 50 Mil­lion Units

Sony has an­nounced that the PlayS­ta­tion 4 con­sole has sold more than 50 mil­lion units to con­sumers around the world with the best ever Black Fri­day week for PlayS­ta­tion hav­ing helped it to achieve that mighty fig­ure.

To achieve this in just three years is clearly great news for Sony and the sales fig­ures in­clude the orig­i­nal PS4 model, the new slim ver­sion and ad­di­tion­ally the PlayS­ta­tion 4 Pro. Pre­sum­ably, the PlayS­ta­tion VR head­set hasn’t done sales fig­ures any harm, ei­ther.

Hack­ing Group Makes A Game Of It

The BBC has re­ported that a hack­ing group over in Tur­key has taken the un­usual step of re­ward­ing hack­ers for hit­ting 'tar­gets' suc­cess­fully.

Hack­ers who man­age to at­tack a des­ig­nated num­ber of web­sites are given the equiv­a­lent of loy­alty points which can then be fur­ther ex­changed for soft­ware al­low­ing them to carry out on­line fraud. The web­sites be­ing tar­geted by the group are re­ported to be ones with a po­lit­i­cal agenda and this rather un­savoury way of en­cour­ag­ing DDoS at­tacks, which was un­cov­ered by se­cu­rity re­searchers at For­ce­point Se­cu­rity Labs, is quite the eye-opener.

Billy Plec­trum Up­date!

Long-time read­ers will fondly re­mem­ber Billy Plec­trum and his 48k Spec­trum. Well we’re de­lighted to be able to tell you that he got in touch this week to bid you all farewell. Billy says that he’s do­ing well and that his 48K Spec­trum is still run­ning.

He tells us that he did up­grade to a ZX Spec­trum 128K one year, but he felt it was too next-gen for his lik­ing so he quickly re­turned to his old faith­ful.

Any­way, Billy wishes you all well. Sniff.

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