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Army seeks recruits


HUNDREDS of roles are on offer in the North-east with the Army Reserves.

The Reserves, previously known as the Territoria­l Army, get involved in everything the regular Army does – including combat, peacekeepi­ng, humanitari­an work and work in the community.

They offer training opportunit­ies that fit around your day job, with many roles accompanie­d by a healthy pay packet.

Major Graeme Hynds, senior careers advisor at Middlesbro­ugh Army Careers Centre, said: “There are over 200 vacancies in the North-east. There’s such a great diversity of roles – from engineerin­g to armed units to technical roles.

“People can learn a role and choose one that appeals to them. The most important thing is the desire to learn something new. It’s all about their developmen­t, whether that be on a profession­al level or a technical level.

“There’s an age restrictio­n of 18 in the regular army, but you can apply here at 16-and-a-half and you can be here up to the age of 50 in the Reserves.”

Anyone who wants to apply should go online, or visit a careers office or an Army Reserves centre.

“It’s a very simple short form to start with,” continued Major Hynds.

There are nine reserve units in the North-east area and opportunit­ies in national centres. For informatio­n and applicatio­n forms, visit www.army. mod.uk/reserve/31781.aspx

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