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Angel in seventh heaven after award


A MIDDLESBRO­UGH school pupil has been recognised for achieving 100% attendance - over her entire primary career.

Angel Lees, from Brambles Primary Academy, has never missed a day of school since she started in nursery back in 2009.

She’s the only pupil to achieve a perfect record of attendance at the school for decades - and teachers have hailed her achievemen­t as “absolutely phenomenal”.

Pastoral lead at the school Tracy Gill said: “Angel is a lovely young lady.

She said: “I’ve been at Brambles for 26 years and I’ve never experience­d a child that’s achieved 100% attendance.

“She has lived with her nana Kath from being very small, so it’s recognitio­n for her in getting Angel to school every day too. ”

Angel said Brambles was a “great school”.

She said: “I love it. I’ve missed zero days at school, you get badges a cinema trip and awards. I got a trophy.”

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