Act now or Mid­dle­ton will lose out!

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YET again Mid­dle­ton is to lose out thanks to this Tory govern­ment.

The Mid­dle­ton Guardian writes a story about Hey­wood los­ing it’s name for elec­tions and that MP Liz McIn­ness has started a pe­ti­tion on her web­site in an at­tempt to change the minds of the pow­ers that be.

How­ever, Mid­dle­ton will lose much more. It ap­pears that at some point in time the elec­toral com­mis­sion deal­ing with bound­ary changes has de­cided, in it’s wis­dom, that Mid­dle­ton will no longer be in the con­stituency of Hey­wood and Mid­dle­ton. Mid­dle­ton is to be moved into Prest­wich & White­field.

When asked, Liz McIn­ness said she and oth­ers fought against this, but have been ig­nored. She says that many years ago, Mid­dle­ton was in the con­stituency with Prest­wich.

This is no rea­son to go back to the old times. Where will it leave Mid­dle­ton? In no mans land?

We are part of the Bor­ough of Rochdale, and we strug­gle to be heard in Rochdale. We have to shout out load just to be heard, and even louder to get any ac­tion. We pay our coun­cil tax to Rochdale and get lit­tle in re­turn. We are twice the pop­u­la­tion of Hey­wood, but Hey­wood will lose out with the changes too, but not as much as Mid­dle­ton.

Prest­wich and White­field is in to the Bor­ough of Bury. Who will we shout at for our lack of ser­vices? Bury or Rochdale?

Will we con­tinue to pay coun­cil tax to Rochdale? Will the Po­lice serve us from Bury or Rochdale? Will Mid­dle­ton just dis­ap­pear down a hole in the ground, nei­ther Bury or Rochdale?

We have prob­lems right now with the NHS and CCG. Some of the older pop­u­la­tion still use their old GPs surg­eries within Manch­ester and thus Rochdale won’t let them use lo­cal ser­vices.

Well, re­cently, Manch­ester CCG kindly is­sued a state­ment to say they could use Rochdale Com­mu­nity Ser­vices, like a Chi­ropodist. But there’s no agree­ment to use other reg­u­lar ser­vices.

It seems Rochdale’s an­swer is to force peo­ple to change GPs. How can this be right? So much for DevoManc and the 10 lo­cal au­thor­i­ties work­ing to­gether.

Health­watch, Rochdale tell us, the prob­lem be­tween Rochdale and Manch­ester is not the only prob­lem. Rochdale has a prob­lem around Whit­worth where Rochdale clashes with Lan­cashire.

But, for Mid­dle­ton, the clash and prob­lem is be­tween Rochdale and Manch­ester. If we join Prest­wich and White­field things can only get worse and more com­pli­cated.

Times is short. If you’re not happy with this change per­haps you need to raise a pe­ti­tion, maybe on 38 De­grees, or write to the House of Com­mons in Lon­don or to your MP Liz McIn­ness to give her some am­mu­ni­tion to fight with. One way or an­other we are in great dan­ger of se­ri­ously los­ing out by fall­ing un­der no ones con­trol and get­ting even less ser­vices than ever. DO SOME­THING whilst there’s still time. Tony E Fight­ing for Mid­dle­ton

MP Liz McIn­ness

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