Mag­nif­i­cent seven tips for bik­ers

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DO you know what the mag­nif­i­cent seven are?

Ahead of Road Safety Week, IAM Road­S­mart, the UK’s largest in­de­pen­dent road safety char­ity, have put to­gether some cru­cial rid­ing tips.

Richard Glad­man, IAM Road­S­mart’s head of driv­ing and rid­ing stan­dards, gives ad­vice on rid­ing dur­ing in­clement weather.

We al­ways ad­vise never to ride in bad weather con­di­tions, how­ever, this is some­times un­avoid­able as your morn­ing jour­ney may be full of bright sunny skies which can then turn into un­ex­pected wind and rain dur­ing the af­ter­noon. RAIN • En­sure your screen and vi­sor are in good con­di­tion and con­sider us­ing an anti-fog in­sert or prod­uct.

• Deep wa­ter may cause aqua­plan­ing.

If this hap­pens, gen­tly close the throt­tle and re­tain a firm grip on the han­dle­bars, do not brake or at­tempt to steer as any in­put is likely to be ex­ces­sive when the grip re­turns.

The grip will re­turn within a short time.

If pos­si­ble, avoid stand­ing wa­ter. SNOW and ice • The best ad­vice is to avoid rid­ing in snow and ice, how­ever, if you do get caught out in it, be­ware of mi­cro-cli­mates in shaded ar­eas where ice will form first.

If you are rid­ing in the snow your ma­chine will have much re­duced grip and take longer to stop.

Brake only in a straight line and be gen­tle with the throt­tle.

Weight on the foot pegs will re­duce the cen­tre

• Coarse steer­ing in­put may in­duce a skid.

Be smooth with steer­ing in or­der not to break grip.

If you have to steer, do it gen­tly un­til you are back to the course you wish the ma­chine to fol­low, and try not to brake whilst cor­ner­ing as the bike will slide

• Be aware of the ef­fect of ex­treme cold.

Make sure your mo­tor­cy­cle kit is fit for the job con­cen­tra­tion is ad­versely af­fected by the cold, high winds.

• Keep in mind the wind will change when pass­ing a high-sided ve­hi­cle so en­sure you give them suf­fi­cient space, and if you see them be­ing af­fected by the wind, don’t pass

• Be es­pe­cially care­ful if cross­ing ex­posed bridges where wind con­di­tions will change.

Richard said: “Mo­tor­cy­cling should be fun, plan­ning to ride in ex­treme con­di­tions is likely to take the fun out of the ride.

“If you are trav­el­ling in wet and windy con­di­tions make sure you have kit­ted up prop­erly, the first drop of rain that gets in will open the flood­gates.

“Snow and ice are not con­ducive to twowheeled travel, what is fun off-road is chal­leng­ing on-road and best avoided.

“If the tem­per­a­ture is fore­cast to be close to freez­ing when you leave, how will it be for your re­turn?”

Would you like to be­come an Ad­vanced Rider? Take a look at our DVSA qual­ity as­sured Ad­vanced Rider Course at: www. iamroad­s­ cour­ses/ad­vanced-rid­er­course.

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