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BRIL­LIANT BBC1 drama The Driver saw Vince get a bol­lock­ing from his snooty wife for us­ing the word “bog” in a posh restau­rant – es­pe­cially as there was a ta­ble of Corona­tion Street ac­tors nearby.

She’s right. I’ve checked the eti­quette guides and you can’t go around say­ing “bog” in front of tele­vi­sion roy­alty. You must say “loo” or “toi­let”.

“Bog” is re­served for the Em­merdale cast or lower.

And if you hap­pen to see some­one who used to be on Hollyoaks, then call it what­ever you like: shit­ter, net­tie, karzy.

It re­ally doesn’t mat­ter. They still have to clean it ei­ther way. kicked off with sexy cougar Caro­line Flack throw­ing some shapes to the Jack­son Five clas­sic “Can You Feel It?”

What are the odds that Harry Styles had to ask her the same ques­tion?

Never mind, kid. It’ll get big­ger after you hit pu­berty.

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