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THE whole world seems to be ob­sessed with tak­ing and send­ing self­ies at the mo­ment.

It’s not just celebri­ties who are do­ing it – even politi­cians are do­ing it now!

Mar­ried MP Brooks New­mark landed him­self in hot wa­ter when he was caught send­ing naked snaps of him­self to a young woman.

And Manch­ester United foot­baller An­to­nio Va­len­cia – who is also mar­ried – has also been at it, send­ing rude pics to two women.

I’ve got to be hon­est – I know they are mar­ried and it is wrong but it seems as though ev­ery­one is do­ing it th­ese days.

At least they aren’t ac­tu­ally cheat­ing.

Is tak­ing a naked selfie as bad as cheat­ing? I don’t think it is.

There has also been a lot in the news about re­venge porn and all th­ese poor girls find­ing pri­vate pics they have sent to exes be­ing splashed across the in­ter­net.

If it is your pic­ture and you took it then it should be­long to you and no-one else should be al­lowed to use it.

The law is right and I am glad that th­ese men are be­ing found out.

I do feel sorry for the vic­tims and I agree that it is wrong that th­ese pri­vate pic­tures are made pub­lic.

But I do feel that they were silly to take the risk in the first place.

If you send a naked pic­ture then you have to be aware of the risks.

But then I also don’t see why naked snaps are such a big IT was the first live show of Satur­day night – which was re­ally good.

Al­ready I have changed my mind about who I think will win.

Last week my money was on Jay James and the new boy­band Stereo Kicks but after see­ing them live I think there are bet­ter acts.

I still think Jay is bril­liant and I love his grav­elly voice but after see­ing him on stage I just don’t know where he would fit into deal. We were all born naked and once upon a time peo­ple walked about with no clothes on.

If no-one had in­vented clothes then we would all be in the buff right now!

I want to know how they man­age to take a de­cent selfie be­cause I find it re­ally hard to get the an­gle right!

I never know where to put to­day’s mar­ket. His voice is a bit nasally and although he re­ally gave it his all I won­der what more he has to give.

There have been other good male singers, like Matt Car­dle, on the show and he didn’t amount to any­thing.

Ital­ian crooner An­drea Faus­tini was ab­so­lutely amaz­ing and I think he could go all the way.

He has a fan­tas­tic voice and the cam­era and how to hold it.

Ex- Cor­rie star He­len Flana­gan seems to have it right – she has per­fected the art of the selfie pose and looks re­ally sexy.

But does she cheat? There is a thing called a selfie holder – which is like an ex­tend­able arm which holds your phone so you can get a bet­ter shot.

I think she might have one of those be­cause she does it so well. he is flam­boy­ant and to­tally dif­fer­ent. I think he is like another Susan Boyle – you just don’t ex­pect that bril­liant voice to come out of his mouth. An­drea is out of this world and I reckon he could be this year’s win­ner. I also re­ally like Lau­ren Platt – she shone for me on Satur­day night’s show. She is only 17 and al­ready she is a lit­tle star.

CAM OFF IT: Brooks ( and He­len (

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