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Dear Mor­gan,

I WAS at a club with a cou­ple of mates when I no­ticed this bird giv­ing me the eye.

She wasn’t my type, so I didn’t bother with her too much. But she was star­ing at me all night.

She was a bit of a howler, but one of my mates told me I should go for it and give her what she was after.

I de­cided that if she was still alone at the end of the night, then I’d try it.

Sure enough, I didn’t have any luck pulling any­one else, so I told my mate to go and tell her I was shy but I’d like her to come back to my place.

While he was chat­ting to her, I asked my other pal if he fan­cied a bash as well.

He said he did, and although she looked a bit taken aback by the sight of three of us, she agreed to go back to my place.

Once there we went up to my room, put on MTV and I sat on the bed, not quite know­ing what to do for a mo­ment.

But my mates were on to her sharpish. She was just as ea­ger for it and un­zipped my jeans and took my hard cock in her mouth.

She sucked me off while my mates took care of her in the fanny depart­ment.

The whole episode was pretty horny and we each took turns at the back and the front.


At one stage she was hap­pily plea­sur­ing all three of us at the same time.

The four of us had many or­gasms and cli­maxes. But there was no way I wanted to see her again.

The trou­ble is, one of my mates gave her my mo­bile phone num­ber and now she keeps pes­ter­ing me to meet her again. What can I do?

GL, Beds

Mor­gan says…

Dear Mor­gan,

MY girl­friend promised a spe­cial treat for my birth­day – a three­some with her and her mate.

They did a sexy strip be­fore putting on a lesbo show for me. It was tremen­dous watch­ing them fin­ger­ing and lick­ing each other’s moist pussies.

I was rock-hard as they both started to suck me off. I then shagged my girl’s mate.

My bird wanted to be tied to the bed, spanked with my belt, and taken doggy-style while her mate put a dildo up her arse.

Then my girl­friend and her mate en­joyed more lesbo love for hours.

Last week, my bird told me that she’s leav­ing me and mov­ing in with her mate. I’m gut­ted. What should I do?

TP, Corn­wall

Mor­gan says…

in her MY mate’s mum is a cracking blonde late 30s and I’ve wanted to bone her for

I ful­filled ages – and a cou­ple a weeks ago my fan­tasy. I’m 21 and I was in a club in town

when great in a I bumped into her. She looked tiny dress that showed off her

great body. We had a few drinks and a dance and I told her I’d love to f**k her.

She just smiled and said: “I thought you’d never ask!” Ap­par­ently, she’s wanted me for ages too.

I Any­way, we went back to my flat and soon had my cock in her mouth.

She sucked me off as I fin­gered her fanny. I was soon at the point of

no re­turn and pulled out be­fore com­ing on her

face and tits.

She was I then licked her shaved fanny.

into soon wet and I eased my nine-incher her. She was loving it as I pounded

away at her.

I’ve had her a few times since, but I’m now start­ing to worry about what would hap­pen if my mate found out, not to men­tion her hus­band. What should I

do? KJ, Lancs

should end this af fair YOU’VE had your fun, but you be­fore it causes you ma­jor prob­lems.

CHANGE your num­ber. your en­gine fine-tuned. WELL, you need to keep BEG her to take you back. If that fails, ask to watch her shag­ging her mate! A4 pa­per? That’s not the large pack­age I want you to give me! PUR­RRRR! And we’ve got the of­fice to...

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