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THIS WEEK? We didn’t cre­ate evil Ji­hadi John, he did that all him­self

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THE de­fence of bru­tal, butcher­ing, be­head­ing Ji­hadi John has be­gun in earnest.

Turns out this de­monic mad­man’s sa­tanic deeds are not re­ally his fault. Oh no, siree – they’re ours.

What pos­sessed the BBC, Sky and oth­ers to give un­in­ter­rupted air­time to Ji­hadi John’s old com­padres in Lon­don last week?

The head­cases from the “ad­vo­cacy group” Cage said with straight faces that the “boy” they re­mem­ber was “ex­tremely kind and gen­tle”.

Th­ese are not the words most peo­ple would use to de­scribe any­one as­so­ci­ated with the mur­der­ous so-called Is­lamic State.

Cer­tainly not the words on the tip of your tongue if you’d watched that Jor­da­nian pi­lot har­row­ingly burned to death in­side a cage.

Not quite the de­scrip­tion that springs to mind, ei­ther, when you see the sev­ered head of a Bri­tish hostage ly­ing on top of its de­cap­i­tated body in the Syr­ian sand.

It’s like de­scrib­ing for­mer Cam­bo­dian leader Pol Pot – who had mil­lions of his own coun­try­men killed – as a bit of a despot but crack­ing com­pany af­ter a beer or two.

But then this is Bri­tain,

Mur­der­ous Mo­hammed has a nice ring to it. Just don’t turn it into a car­toon. where it is only ever a mat­ter of time be­fore the bleed­ing heart brigade start pip­ing up to de­fend the in­de­fen­si­ble. Con­sider the facts, though. In 2009, spooks man­aged to in­ter­cept the fu­ture west Lon­don ex­e­cu­tioner be­fore he was able to join up with an Al-Qaeda af­fil­i­ate spread through­out war-torn Africa.

Now un­masked as Mo­hammed Emwazi, “John” had landed in Tan­za­nia but was strongly sus­pected of pre­par­ing to cross into So­ma­lia to join a ter­ror train­ing camp, be­fore our guys stopped him.

This is, of course, pre­cisely what we want our spooks to do – get their noses out of our emails and spend a bit more time feel­ing the col­lar of our in-bred cra­zies.

Emwazi later bleated to his chums in Cage that MI5 hadn’t been very nice to him.

This would later be­come the ground­work for blam­ing his mur­ders in Syria on ev­ery­one else but him­self.

But if Emwazi had heeded what­ever ad­vice and guid­ance was of­fered by MI5 at the time, he might not to­day be the world’s most wanted man with a tar­get in the mid­dle of that in­fa­mous fore­head.

Our navel-gaz­ing in­dus­try can wring its hands all it likes about what spies get up to in the shad­ows to enemies of the state, sus­pected or oth­er­wise.

But it wasn’t MI5 who cre­ated Ji­hadi John. Nor was it the UK, which housed and ed­u­cated Mo­hammed Emwazi af­ter he ar­rived with his fam­ily from Kuwait at the age of six.

Mo­hammed Emwazi cre­ated Ji­hadi John. And it’s go­ing to be Mo­hammed Emwazi who will pay dearly for his al­ter ego’s crimes.

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