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SOME­TIMES you have to fake. It pro­tects a man’s feel­ings.

Guys try re­ally hard and it means a lot to them to think they’re do­ing well. The last thing they want is for a girl to tell them they’re shit.

I had an ex who was re­ally keen and en­er­getic. He used to fin­ish quickly, be­fore I had a chance to cli­max, but I would just pre­tend.

Af­ter a while he started blow­ing my mind. He would throw me on the bed, bend me over and f**k me so hard and fast.

He would not have had the con­fi­dence to get like that if I had con­stantly put him down. BAD NEWS lads, a whop­ping four in five women ad­mit to FAK­ING their or­gasms!

A new study has re­vealed that ram­pant play­act­ing – like the fa­mous res­tau­rant scene with Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally (top left) – is in­fest­ing our beds.

Be­cause while most lads are boast­ing about their sex­ual prow­ess down the pub, their con­quests have re­ally been feign­ing their quiv­er­ing or­gasms.

Re­searchers for The Jour­nal of Sex­ual Ar­chives sur­veyed 481 fe­males who were sex­u­ally ac­tive but not in se­ri­ous re­la­tion­ships.

And in a crush­ing blow to blokes the world over, 80 per cent of those asked ad­mit­ted they of­ten pre­tended to cli­max.

When asked why they felt the need to lie, the top rea­son given by women was ‘al­tru­is­tic de­ceit’ – to pro­tect the man’s feel­ings.

In sec­ond place was fear and in­se­cu­rity. Want­ing the sex to be a pos­i­tive ex­pe­ri­ence, rather than a nega­tive one.

Third was fak­ing it in or­der to end the sex ses­sion.

Fin­ish­ing high up the list, though, was an­other shock­ing rev­e­la­tion.

A to­tal of 13% said they faked in or­der to cre­ate an ‘el­e­vated arousal’.

The ‘fake it till you make it’ the­ory sug­gests that if you act out the thing you want to hap­pen, some­times it will.

A top sex­ual psy­chol­o­gist re­vealed: “By re-en­act­ing the lead-up to a real or­gasm – breath­ing faster, mak­ing noise, mov­ing your hips, tens­ing your mus­cles – you might just push your­self over the thresh­old to the point where or­gasm be­comes in­vol­un­tary.”

We caught up with three saucy glam­our babes to find out if they’d ever lied about coital bliss:

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