Beans bar­ney means we must all be mad

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BEANS – good on a break­fast plate or not?

It shouldn’t re­ally be that con­tro­ver­sial but when the ques­tion was raised on Face­book ear­lier this week it was war.

Right-minded peo­ple agreed that bul­let-like carbs have no place next to your ba­con and eggs.

An equally healthy num­ber of lu­natics ar­gued that a Full English wasn’t a Full English with­out ev­ery­thing soaked in bean juice.

One col­league here at Sport Tow­ers ramped it up fur­ther by ad­mit­ting his other half re­li­giously has baked beans with her roast din­ner – a sorry in­ter­ven­tion that will take months with which to come to terms.

The Face­book thread nudged up some 80 com­ments as the world and its dog piled in with their views.

Then a mate pointed out how en­thu­si­as­tic peo­ple were to quib­ble over a rel­a­tively noth­ing mat­ter while ISIS carry on chop­ping peo­ple’s heads off and kids die from Ebola.

So­cial me­dia is a non-stop river of tragedy and agony that al­most in­vis­i­bly washes over us on its way to the news dust­bin.

Yet lob in a beans-ornot hand grenade and the world comes burst­ing up for air.

Not messed up at all, are we?

THE hu­man budgeri­gar that is ex-min­is­ter Hazel Blears wants spy chiefs to get more re­cruits from the users of Mum­snet.

If you’re not aware of said web­site – which isn’t in my book­marks, ei­ther – it’s a place where mums get to, erm, net.

Pop­u­lar threads amongst this pot of po­ten­tial se­cret agents in­clude the pros and cons of a love act that once car­ried a prison sen­tence and the mer­its of keep­ing a cup of wa­ter by your bed for a pre-coital gent’s wash.

And there was me think­ing bean juice was nuts!

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