SEX FO­RUM Bonk­ing is good for your mem­ory – don’t you for­get it!

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FOR­GET tra­di­tional brain train­ing, the best way to boost your mem­ory is with reg­u­lar BONK­ING ses­sions.

A new study has re­vealed that hav­ing sex on a reg­u­lar ba­sis is proven to im­prove your mem­ory – es­pe­cially if you’re a woman.

The re­search also found that women who achieved bet­ter re­sults in tests also en­joy a more ac­tive sex life at home.

Boffins at McGill Uni­ver­sity in Montreal, Canada, reckon the im­pact sex has on mem­ory is to do with the re­ac­tions it causes in the brain.

A spokesper­son said: “These re­sults sug­gest sex may in­deed have ben­e­fi­cial ef­fects on mem­ory func­tion in healthy young women.

“They sup­port the hy­poth­e­sis that fre­quency of sex is pos­i­tively as­so­ci­ated with mem­ory scores.”

The sci­en­tists re­cruited 78 women, aged be­tween 18 and 29, to take part in the study.

They were quizzed about their shag­ging an­tics be­fore be­ing put through a se­ries of tests.

To mea­sure their short-term re­call, the women were asked to look at a group of 60 words and faces be­fore be­ing asked to pick them out from a larger group.

The re­sults, which were pub­lished in Archives of Sex­ual Be­hav­iour, re­vealed the women who romped the most of­ten claimed the high­est scores on the tests.

And the ef­fects were much stronger when it came to re­call­ing words, rather than faces.

We asked Sport scorcher Jess An­gel, from Old­ham, whether she reck­ons her sex life has any im­pact out­side the bed­room.

The 20-year-old glam­our babe said: “Well, who’d have thought it. Most sur­veys about sex are just about how many calo­ries you burn or how happy it makes you – but if this is true, it could ac­tu­ally be re­ally use­ful!

“I am al­ways los­ing my keys or for­get­ting to text peo­ple back, so I will def­i­nitely be try­ing to change that by hav­ing more sex.

“It’s a win-win re­ally and I don’t think my boyfriend will have a prob­lem with get­ting some more prac­tice in!”

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