‘ I imag­ine he’s pound­ing me from us ’ be­hind, with peo­ple all around

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SUPERFIT Fern Hosh has con­fessed she loves folk watch­ing her BONK!

The 30DD beauty said she’s a very ‘out­doorsy’ kind of girl who en­joys risky sex, where she could be caught in the act.

Bet­ter keep your eyes peeled then, fel­las, es­pe­cially when the weather starts warm­ing up!

The London lass, 24, said: “Spon­ta­neous sex is al­ways the best. It must be an an­i­mal­is­tic, need-you-now sort of thing.

“I love noth­ing more than hav­ing a day out with my fella and things tak­ing an un­ex­pected steamy turn.

“So if you hap­pen to be out hav­ing a pic­nic – when the weather is bet­ter – or out at the cinema, what can you do?!

“There’s some­thing so horny about do­ing some­thing you shouldn’t re­ally be do­ing, and know­ing you could get caught out at any time.

“It’s also so hot be­cause the chem­istry and sheer sex­ual en­ergy is amaz­ing.

“My all-time favourite fan­tasy is go­ing for a pic­nic in the sum­mer months and get­ting car­ried away in a pub­lic park.

“The sun’s shin­ing down and we’re ly­ing on a blan­ket feel­ing nice and re­laxed when we start touch­ing and kiss­ing…

“We’re aware other peo­ple are around and we shouldn’t go any fur­ther but we just can’t help our­selves!

“So we sneak off into some bushes and just go for it. We try to keep our moans of plea­sure down but it feels so good.

“I imag­ine that he’s pound­ing me from be­hind, doggy-style, with so many peo­ple around us. It’s such a huge turn-on!

“It’s like you’d ex­plode if you don’t have that per­son right there and then.”

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