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MY mum’s best mate is a still-tasty blonde of 39. I’m 18 and I’ve fan­cied her for ages.

She flirted with me a lot, but on my 18th birth­day in De­cem­ber the flirt­ing ended and the shag­ging be­gan.

About a month be­fore my birth­day I was giv­ing her a lift home from the pub when she said I could have a spe­cial present on my big day – her!

She then gave me a blowjob and said shag­ging her would be even bet­ter. On my birth­day I went round to her house when her hubby was at work and she was wear­ing just stock­ings.

Her mas­sive tits looked so good and we went to her bed­room. She sucked me off and af­ter I’d ex­ploded in her mouth she told me to tongue her, then to f**k her in both holes.

I’ve shagged her of­ten since then. Shag­ging birds my own age just isn’t the the same. What should I do? KEEP screw­ing your mum’s mate – but make sure her hubby doesn’t catch you. JELLY is a funny thing, isn’t it? My mis­sus in­dulges me with all man­ner of dif­fer­ent flavours and shapes and I never get tired of eat­ing the stuff.

But it got me think­ing – what if I made a jelly mould in the shape of a woman with a work­ing vagina?

I kept the thought to my­self and when­ever the wife was out shop­ping I nipped out to the shed at the bot­tom of the gar­den.

It took a few trips to make the mould and then I got a load of jelly and poured it in. The re­sult was fan­tas­tic!

There was my jelly princess ly­ing on her back, her legs spread with moun­tain­ous breasts quiv­er­ing and an invit­ingly sweet slit.

I ice-creamed her up and got stuck in. But just as I was about to cum, her head fell off and I went limp.

Do you have any ideas? TRY stiff­en­ing her neck with some wafers. KJ, Glas­gow

Bexie says…

PAY her – she has earned it! I TP, Es­sex DV, Nor­wich

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