Well-hung man­ager is the boss of spank­ing!

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Dear Ava,

I’VE of­ten fan­ta­sised about be­ing spanked, but I daren’t tell my hus­band – in case he thinks I’m a pervert. But re­cently I de­cided to make my dream come true – with my boss! For some time now he has been mak­ing com­ments about my arse and how much he would like to spank it. I used to laugh it off as a joke, but I started think­ing more and more about it and a cou­ple of weeks ago I de­cided to call his bluff. He in­vited me out to a bar in town af­ter work and we had a few drinks and started talk­ing about fan­tasies. I told him mine, and he was at pains to point out that his was pretty sim­i­lar – apart from him want­ing to take me in both holes af­ter he had spanked me. I got turned on by him de­scrib­ing what he wanted to do to me, so I said we should go back to the of­fice.


We made sure we were all alone in the build­ing and he pre­tended to be an­gry with me as I bent over his desk.

Then he lifted my skirt up, took my knick­ers down and told me I de­served a good spank­ing.

I don’t mind ad­mit­ting that I was trem­bling with ex­cite­ment as he gave me a dozen slaps that left me horny, and my bum cheeks burn­ing hot.

So I turned round to see that my boss had an enor­mous bulge in his trousers and I made a grab for him, quickly un­leash­ing his im­pres­sive eight-incher.

I took him to the brink of or­gasm with my mouth be­fore I turned around and let him screw me hard and fast from be­hind over the desk.

He first took me doggy-style and then switched holes and had anal sex with me.

It was one of the best shags I’ve ever known and I’m sure the spank­ing is what made all the dif­fer­ence.

But now I’m feel­ing re­ally guilty about cheat­ing on my hus­band.

Should I tell him? TH, West Yorks

Ava says…

NO – but you should def­i­nitely ask him to spank your arse!

Dear Ava,

I’M a horny 26-year-old girl and I love pulling fel­las for one-night stands.

I get a thrill out of un­leash­ing a new cock each time and com­par­ing it for size – and taste – with all the other dicks I’ve had.

I go to all the lo­cal clubs and pubs and I’ve had most of the fan­cia­ble males in the area now.

So I’m look­ing at new ways to meet lads for no-strings sex.

My big am­bi­tion is to take a vir­gin bloke to bed, too.

Where can I find one? CB, Le­ics

Ava says…

THE only place I could sug­gest would be the near­est monastery – although I doubt they’d let you in the place!

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