Dear Ash­leigh,

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MY hubby’s a sales­man and he’s al­ways telling ng me that I should be thank­ful for all he does for me.

So I got a job of my own de­liv­er­ing for a lo­cal l florist for a bit of pin money.

My first call was the house of a girl get­ting mar­ried and when she an­swered the door she was in stock­ings and sussies sies and I felt my minge moisten.

She was in a tizzy as she couldn’t zip up her dress and her mum had gone out for some last minute blue garters.

She asked if I wouldn’t mind help­ing her and d I couldn’t stop my­self from feel­ing her boob.

To my sur­prise, she in turn slid her hand up my dress and her fin­gers en­tered my gush­ing gash.

The mo­ment didn’t last, as her mum got back shout­ing up­stairs she’d got the garters but it was in turquoise, not the blue she wanted.

This was a fort­night ago and I don’t know if f I should try my luck again. LJ, War­wick­shire Ash­leigh says… BE care­ful. You’re both mar­ried d women now.

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