Mum and girl romp was a bed-breaker!

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Dear Ash­leigh,

I’VE had some of the wildest sex­ual ex­pe­ri­ences of my life in the saucy sea­side town of Black­pool.

I go to the Lan­cashire re­sort ev­ery year on my hol­i­days and never fail to get my end away.

Last week I was there with some mates and we ended up at a club for a late booze, when all the other places had closed for the evening.

There were loads of busty women in those glit­tery 70s wigs and they were all danc­ing on the ta­bles with their knick­ers on full view.

They re­ally didn’t give a shit what any­one thought, bless ’em!

In the club I copped off with a cou­ple of tasty ladies who I later found out were mother and daugh­ter – which w blew my mind a bit at the time.

Well, they didn’t re­ally look like a typ­i­cal mother and a daugh­ter – the mum was in pretty good shape, with w nice tits and good legs.

I’d put the mum in her early 40s and her fit, b big-tit­ted daugh­ter was about 23.

Any­way, we had a few beers to­gether and a re­ally g good laugh. The pair of them swore like troop­ers and w were soon headed back to my B&B for wild sex!

The girls stripped off as soon as we got to my room and we were at it for hours. The pair of them were so en­er­getic we broke the bed!

Now the land­lord is af­ter me to pay for a new one, and I don’t know the girls’ ad­dress to ask them to ask them to help with the cost. Any sug­ges­tions?

AS, Glas­gow

Ash­leigh A says…

IT sounds like you had a great night – you might as well pay for the dam­age, then you can look for­ward to your trip back there t next year!

Dear Ash­leigh,

I HAVE a right ter­ri­ble dilemma. I lost my job a cou­ple of months ago but I didn’t tell the mis­sus.

I was on quite a good wage and so we never went short of any­thing.

We reg­u­larly ate out at week­ends but now I’m afraid of what she’ll do if she finds out I’m do­ing “other things”.

The money we had saved slowly dwin­dled into an over­draft so to help mat­ters I ad­ver­tised my ser­vices on a web­site as a masseur.

It’s now pay­ing quite well and the bank are hap­pier now that some money’s com­ing in again.

It’s a great job, too. Ba­si­cally it’s get­ting paid to shag women.

The women are nearly all in their early 40s, quite well off, and ei­ther have a busy job with no time for re­la­tion­ships or busy hus­bands who don’t ser­vice them.

But last week one of my clients knew who I was and who my wife is.

Now she’s threat­en­ing to tell all un­less I do her ses­sions for free.

I don’t have the time to carry on with her as she wants to see me on a daily ba­sis. What should I do?

DB, Bucks

Ash­leigh says…

SURE, you should have told your wife about los­ing your job. Com­ing clean now is what you need to do – and give her a good ‘mas­sag­ing’ while you’re at it!

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